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Privacy Policy

By using the software and website, you are agreeing to the terms of the privacy policy. Please read through this policy carefully to learn about rights and the ways that the website will use your information. The privacy policy details the way we collect, share and use information from each user.

Overview of the Privacy Policy

We do not collect any personally identifiable information through our software. The software must be regularly updated to ensure the best functionality and security. We reserve the right to change, modify or end any part of our software or our site at any time. Additionally, we may use tracking technologies like cookies and Web beacons to collect information. The information will not be personally identifiable. Instead, it will consist of how long you used the site, your IP address, operating system, referral information and browser type.

Software and Advertisements

When you use the site, you are given access to our games and other information. Once the software is installed, advertisements like pop-ups, video or text-link will be provided based on the content that you typically viewed. We will also tailor the advertisements based on the websites and URLs that you have visited for a more personalized experience.

Uninstallation and Termination

If you choose not to use our site anymore, you can uninstall the software using the Add/Remove Programs button in your control panel. This can be found by clicking the Start menu on your Windows operating system. Once this is done, you will need to reboot the computer to complete the uninstallation process. If you uninstall the software, you are terminating the privacy policy and your agreement with the site. You will no longer be able to use the website or any of the programs associated with it. If you violate the privacy policy in any way, we will terminate your connection to the site immediately.

Personal Information

When you use the website, we may gather information from you. This information generally falls into two categories. We either collect tracking information that allows a better user experience, or the information is voluntarily provided by you when you log into the website. We may retain some of the personal information for business purposes like e-mailing newsletters or providing you with customer service.

Tracking Information and Cookies

To provide the best user experience, we use tracking information like cookies to monitor your use of the website. None of the tracking information that we collect is personally identifiable. Cookies are small strings of code that are added when you use a website that allow the website to track the pages you visit and your browser types. We may use session cookies, which are removed when you close the browser. At times, it is also possible that we will use persistent cookies. These cookies will remain on your computer until you delete them manually.

While some of the cookies that we use are created by us, others are hosted through third-party vendors. The cookies used by third parties are not able to track your personally identifiable information. Instead, they are used to customize the advertisements that appear and provide a more personal website experience. These cookies may collect information like your clickstream data, the pages you visit, your browser type, the number of times you visit the site, the content you view, your IP address and your operating system.

Each time you open an e-mail from our site or view the website’s pages, we or our affiliates will use cookies on your browser to recognize you. These cookies cannot identify who you are and are only used to provide you with better services. We also use the information gathered from cookies to learn more about our users, traffic details and other types of analytics. Some of the cookies may collect information about your computer as it uses the website. This information may be stored by our servers for future use.

Web Beacons

Sometimes, Web beacons are used on your browser to help us understand when you opened an e-mail and which links you clicked on. This helps us to customize the e-mails, advertisements and products that we recommend to each user. If you go to your e-mail client, you can opt out of Web beacons by turning them off. Cookies can also be rejected or deleted by using your browser. If you delete the cookies, it may impact your ability to use the site and the website’s functionality.

Who Can View Personal Information?

Your personal information is used by us, but it may also be shared with third parties. We never sell your personal information, and it is only shared to provide a better user experience. At times, our website uses third-party providers for hosting, network, e-mail, advertising and security services. Our providers are required to protect your privacy and are never given personally identifiable information. To find out how vendors use your information, read through the privacy policies of each specific vendor.

Legal Disclosures

We will work closely with law enforcement in the event of a government subpoena, judicial order, warrant or other orders. If we believe in good faith that we must protect our company or others against situations like fraud, we will disclose user information to the authorities. Whenever we are legally compelled to hand over information, we will cooperate with the legal system. If the directions in the court order or law allow it, we will notify you that your contact information was disclosed.


Online security is taken very seriously by our company. We do everything we can to stop unauthorized access to our systems, servers and other data. To do this, we follow the generally accepted standards to encrypt and protect files during transmission and storage. No transmission or electronic storage method is foolproof online, but we will do our best to ensure the highest level of security.


This website is intended for adult users, and we do not knowingly allow children to use it. Children under the age of 13 should not be allowed access to the website. If a minor does access the site, inform us about the event so that we may delete any personal information that was inadvertently collected from the child. As an added precaution, we recommend that parents closely monitor their child’s Internet usage to prevent the collection or use of their information.

Business Transitions and Mergers

If we undergo a merger, sale or acquisition, our assets and information will be transferred to the new owners. Your personal and non-personal data will most likely be moved to the new owners. If this happens, we will send you an e-mail in advance to let you know of the change. Any company that merges or buys ours will be required to honor account deletion requests and the terms of the privacy policy.

Forums and Blogs

While we strive to keep your information private, the information that you post on the forum and in other locations may be read by other users. You can request that your personal information be removed from the forums by e-mailing us, and we will do our best to help.

Third-Party Website Links

There may be links on our website at times that lead to third-party sites. These websites are not run by our company, so we cannot ensure that our privacy policy is similar to their policies. If you are using another website, you should read through their privacy policy to ensure that your information is collected, shared and used safely.

Changes to the Policy

Over time, we may find it necessary to modify or update this privacy policy. We will try to provide notice whenever possible about future updates. You can also periodically review the privacy policy to find out the latest details about how your information is collected and protected. please see: