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We’re an online gaming website dedicated to amazing game experiences. Whether you simply want a way to pass the time on your phone or are a looking for a group of compatible gamers, you’ll find that on our site thanks to the tools we provide and the greater Game-Cave community.

Extensive Free-to-Play Library

We began this site as a free-to-play gaming portal, and although we’ve expanded well beyond those humble beginnings, it’s still a big part of who we are. Our team has built a large library over the years, and we continue to add games each week. The games in the Game-Cave are available to play for as long as you want without ever having to create an account or pay anything at all.

Gaming Communities

One of the ways in which we’ve expanded our focus is through the concept of game communities. These are online communities dedicated to a particular game. These communities have their own message boards and can publish their own content using blogs, wikis and other tools. These provide a great way to stay current with the people who enjoy this game as much as you do. These communities aren’t limited to the games on our site and extend to major AAA releases.

Satellite Gaming Communities

Our concept of communities worked so well that it eventually gave rise to the concept of satellite communities. Think of these as niche groups. Satellite groups include mod developers for a game like Skyrim and builders for a game like Fallout 4. These satellite groups can also be more private affairs, such as the home base for a World of Warcraft clan or a DOTA 2 team.

Looking for Clan

In fact, our satellite groups became so popular as a solution for clans, guilds and other types of gaming groups, our team came up with a Looking for Clan tool. This tool works two ways. It lets individuals looking for a group post that information to the appropriate game area. It also lets the groups themselves let their fellow gamers know that they’re recruiting.

Looking for Group

Some of the modern online multiplayer games have change the dynamic a bit. The need for the kind of permanency that you get from a guild isn’t always needed anymore. Consider a game like Destiny where you’re either raiding with friends you know or looking for an impromptu group. The LFG tool is like the clan tool except that it has more immediacy. If you have a few hours on a Friday night and want to run a raid, this provides you the means to do that in a timeframe that makes sense.

Wikis by the Game-Cave Community

Another way that we serve the gaming community is by providing the online space and the tools needed to create wikis. We have wikis that cater to entire games and some that are just guild-specific. You can link them to a community or satellite community, and anyone associated with that group can participate.